“Me, You, Us” Summary

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In May of 2019,from 6th to 15th, representatives of Ticket2Europe took part in a training course “Me ,You,Us” which was hold in Bakuriani,Georgia. Together with young leaders and youngsters from Poland, Austria, Germany, Ukraine, Armenia and Georgia they explored a better understanding and created a space where people can exchange ideas, challenge their views, embrace the differences between them and focus on finding and appreciating the similarities.


The main objectives of the projects where based on the exploration of cultural diversity and promoting the concept of it being an opportunity and not a threat,as well as preventing radicalization of young people’s attitudes by giving them a chance to reflect upon topics such as difference, likeness, identity, inclusion. The participants were challenged with their views based on stereotypes by exploring the concept of “unique personal stories.

As a summary of this youth exchange here we want to present you a booklet on diversity and youth that can serve as a useful tool for other organizations across Europe:

Me, You, Us-Summary

From our side we want to thank the coordinating organisation  “Student Association for Intercultural Learning” from Austria and the hosting organisation “MasterPeace Eastern Partnership and Central Asia Regional Office” from Georgia and all the partner organisations , as well as participants and trainers for this amazing project.


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