“Debates for You-th”: experience of the project

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During the period from 11th to 18th of August 5 youngsters representing Ticket2Europe participated in a youth exchange “Debates for You-th”, aimed to develop and improve basic transversal skills of the participants. The project was held in Nijmegen (Netherlands) and gathered participants from Netherlands, Latvia, Spain, Romania, Lithuania, Estonia and Poland.


One of the main objective of “Debates for You-th” was to increase leadership, communication and public speaking skills of the participants and make them more competitive for employment and labour market opportunities. Also, the project created awareness among participants regarding Erasmus + programme, which as well is mainly aimed for young people as an opportunity  helping them to develop and share knowledge and experiences.


Nowadays, improving management skills involves not only communication, public speaking or leadership, but also interpersonal skills, necessary for interaction with people and have the capacity to unlock potential and experience unprecedented growth, both at personal and professional level.  Debate is a valuable tool, being the cornerstone of a tutorial, an essay and  a public speaking. Participating in debates enables people to become open-minded, to consider all sides of an argument and develop the art of public speaking. In debates, people are encouraged to engage themselves in an interesting and often controversial topic, to develop their ideas and strengthen their arguments, to communicate  clearly and to think and analyse quickly and critically. This whole process leads to discovery of  new abilities that increase one’s self-confidence, and the more self-confident one person is, more self-aware he will become in the future.

“Debates for You-th” was the perfect way to combine debates with leadership, communication and public speaking methods, empowering participants to face future life.


Here you can checkout a video created during the project ,where the participants talk about what they actually were going through during the exchange:



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