Ticket2Europe’s first youth exchange: Building Peace through Inclusion I.

Part 1: The facts

Ticket2Europe had the possibility to implement its first youth exchange between 12-20 March, in Pontevedra. The exchange gave the opportunity for 32 participants from five countries to gain knowledge about social inclusion & exclusion, to learn about different cultures and to meet & have fun.

The aim of the project was to provide youngsters with competences to raise awareness in their social context towards the deconstruction of racist and xenophobic attitudes and design activities to promote social inclusion of migrants.

During seven very active, learning & working days they learned about:

• the obstacles & possibilities of refugees, migrants, and asylum seekers
• the meaning of some key concepts, like stereotypes, prejudices, discrimination or exclusion
• the actual situation of refugees of each participating country (Hungary, Spain, Germany, Greece)
• the reasons, the goals and the ways of campaigning
• personal experiences through a human library of local refugees

After several workshops the participants were given space, as well as guidance & support, to take social actions and cause and an impact in the local community of Pontevedra.

As part of their local campaigning activity, they went to the street of Pontevedra, called attention to a burning topic and involved people to talk about their feelings about it. The participants did not only enjoyed their time outside but managed to raise a bit the awareness about an issue surrounding us.

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