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Ana del Valle


Ana is positivity personified, a basic element in any work team. She has a natural flair for visualising opportunities, creating connections and ideas to improve our surroundings.

With a degree in Law and Criminology, she has enjoyed different international training experiences in Argentina, France and Armenia. Like the rest of her colleagues, she is a convinced Europeanist, which has led her to do an internship at the European External Action Service (Brussels). Currently, in addition to managing Ticket2Europe, she teaches in a Spanish public university in the field of Law and Criminology.

Olalla Gonzalez


Globetroteuse, traveler, wanderlust queen… Olalla has been called many things, always for the same reason: to never stop at home! Her endless desire to learn has meant that she always has a scholarship, a course or a volunteer position at hand to take her back abroad to continue exploring new cultures and places.

A graduate in Translation and Interpreting, Olalla is a language freak. She first lived two years in France, where she was a student and conversation assistant, and after a short-term EVS in Hungary and a long-term EVS in Georgia, she has worked in Estonia organising different international youth projects related to youth empowerment and rural areas. The Erasmus+ world is her main source of motivation and inspiration and ever since she has known it, she is determined to spread her fascination and help young people to live new experiences by discovering different horizons.

Africa Rodriguez

Project Manager

Africa does what it is passionate about: helping to create networks and communities that collaborate, because it believes in the value of collaboration, collective intelligence and knowledge sharing. To reach this vision, Africa had to come a long way in miles and emotions. The magic wand came because she decided to change the path established for her. She left Madrid for Pontevedra, and the right to found a coworking space that today is a fundamental part of Ticket2Europe, Espacio Arroelo.
Since 2018, Africa is part of Ticket2Europe, where she designs European projects and from where she builds networks with people and organisations from other countries as European Creative Hubs Network.

Ignacio Márquez


In his essence lies adventure and a constant desire to learn. His passion for getting to know different countries, people and places leads him to escape and embark on a new journey whenever he can. Throughout his life he has visited more than 40 countries and the list keeps growing (Canada, Russia, United States, Morocco, Indonesia, Bosnia & Herzegovina…).

Ignacio has also enjoyed several stays abroad under the Erasmus+ programme (Italy, Portugal and Finland) and these two ways of getting to know new cultures have led him to develop his European identity and his complete involvement with the promotion of its values.

A social worker by profession, Ignacio dedicates all his work to developing participatory processes with an educational and cultural background with young people. His interventions always focus on non-formal education as he believes that it is the only one capable and empowering to generate a real transformation of society.