Don’t worry

Published by Ana del Valle on

Already  2 months that  I live here,  what can I say ?

I have learned to be quiet here. When you have any tasks to do and you have deadline  it’s mean that until deadline nobody will disturb you, ask many question about your tasks, because if you know about it , you you will make as it is convenient to you. Of course if you need help,  you will receive it.  If you ask many questions until deadline, you will hearer  one answer: “ Don’t  worry”

It was for me very strange, because in my country no it so. If there is any “problem “ we like to ask many questions,  to do specification, but little by little it become normal for me.

Here almost not city transport, and we all time go for a walk, it’s really good, I have completely weaned from city transport.

I hope that is period of my life will teach me to much.



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