LA GENTE : Learning from the others

This week, was more about getting to know people from all around, not talking about friends,  i’m talking about randomly people that you had the chance to know them just from meetings or introduced by a friend of yours.

We had a normal co-working meet up in this beautiful city from Galicia called Bueu, a summer destination place as well as a working place, it is small compact and cozy the owners are super nice and creative, everything was well made.

People shows up we got to know each other at first OK OK seems nice at first and then everyone got into his business after they came to work. Few hours later we had  a brief intro and tour in the office when we got to know more about the co-working place as well as the people over there.


All good so far, I was working until the clock ticked for a break, and there were things got interesting, at first when you meet someone you really don’t wanna put a finger on him/her and just wait for the right moment to everything to be clear.

“storytelling time” was so amazing people have a lot to tell and never thought I will learn from them , I was super shocked and happy in the same time knowing that this day gonna be well. So yeah, we exchanged stories and info and emails of things that we were interested by and willing to research.

Day pass, having lunch , going to the beach you know typical stuff after a long day working. At this point I thought the day is finished until we got a call from a person that organizing a presentation about a book of an author from the region so we decided to go there and see.


Place was really nice, it was around 9pm so the weather was super cool and cold ,and what a beautiful sunset. Anyway, the author came everyone sat down for the presentation.

I was ashamed in some point for not knowing what they were saying because of the language, but I tried to just listen and keep up with them.


The author is young and smart, really educated and know a lot, I was so surprised and didn’t know what’s going on at first. There was this part that amazed me the most and the only part that I understood, and I quote:

Dani: what inspired you to write all this 4 books ( yes she had 4 poems so far )

Tamara : Inspired me ? umm I dunno ? what it inspiration ? does it exist ?

at that point I didn’t know what to say and I knew she’s really talented person.

So basically my point here is, don’t judge people and never say no to a new friendship ( beside if you feel bad about that person ) . You never know what is waiting for you and what that person can offer you. Stay positive.

Until next one.


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