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Our organization started to organize the Eco festival near Koprinka lake in 2011. The festival was created by two volunteers -one from the Peace Corps and the other from Lithuania-, as a part of our project “Ecology development” (2011). The first edition was very successful, so we decided to continue with the initiative in the following years. We made three short-term projects “Ecology development II” (2012), “Ecology development III” (2013) and “Eco festival Koprinka 2015” (2015) with the participation of 36 EVS volunteers in total. The fourth edition of the project was supported by two Spanish volunteers, hosted by us (project “Friendship in a box”). Thanks to their help, the total quantity of waste we have collected in the last 7 years is around 15 tones.

16.05.2019 – 12.07.2019

(59 days which include

1 day of travel)

Food and pocket money

This short-term EVS project enables volunteers to participate in our organization’s activities and cooperation with other institutions in order to organize thе local ecological festival “Kazanlak” for the 9th edition in a row. The project will take place in Kazanlak (Bulgaria), during its famous Festival of Roses, and it will

be dealing with:

Travel expenses: every volunteer has a limit for travel costs depend on country (the amount is pre-established and cannot be changed). Please keep all the boarding passes and original tickets during your travel.




Meetings with environmental

tourist and accredited

EVS organizations

Our projects

Making of a summer movie

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