Location: Moncalieri (Torino), Italy
Who: 2 volunteers (1 Portuguese and 1 Spanish)
Duration: from May 2019 for 6 months
Hosting institution: Diramarsi
Application deadline: 28th of February

The goal of «Diramarsi» is to create a dynamic, participative and accessible context, where each member can contribute, thus creating a multidisciplinary information and experimentation network.

– Environment and sustainability (5-10 hours per week)
Aid in agricultural activities: cultivation of vegetables and fruits, look after animals (goats, chickens, fish) aquaponic agriculture, craft beer production, landscape maintenance (gardening, pruning, etc.).
Volunteers will learn to apply biodynamic methods and principles of permaculture. They will be directly involved in the activities, but always supported by a expert operator. Activities will take place throughout the year, depending on seasonality.

– Organization of events (15-20 hours per week)
1) Crafts, such as woodworking, ceramics, sewing and drawing;
2) Events and parties for promotional purposes of the cultural association;
3) Culture of food;
4) Wellness;
5) workshops on sustainability and ecobuilding: volunteers will help to organize workshops
and they will learn how to build objects such as compost toilet, solar with sustainable and
innovative techniques cooker, thermo-compost, tree houses, geodesic domes etc.

– Guest reception and cleaning of common areas (5 – 10 hours per week)
The volunteers will take care of the cleaning of all common areas and guest rooms of the association helping the workers of the association. Occasionally they will join in the preparing meals for other collaborators, always in a context of sharing. It will also be their task is to help during the tours offered to visitors of the farm.

Volunteer Profile

– Nature lover;
– Willingness to work in a group and in contact with the public;
– Willing to do manual work and get their hands dirty;
– Interested in spending a prolonged period of time in a small town located close to Turin;
– Being a curious person, who asks questions and is capable of making constructive criticism and self-criticism.


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