We are charity organization PERSPEKTIVY (http://perspektivy.ru/eng/volunteers/). We work with physically and mentally disabled people.
We are looking for volunteers and partner organizations for the April deadline.
We Start 1st September 2019 (projects for 12 months).
Our projects:
* Volunteering in state run orphanage with mentally and physicallу disabled children (aged 5 to 18). We support and provide individual assistance to the children living in the orphanage. Daily duties of volunteer include: organizing playing activities, hygienic care, feeding, accompanying children in various trips, assistance in school classes, organizing events. See video with our volunteers http://bit.ly/2myLmEa

* Volunteering in our family project. We help children and adults with physical and mental disabilities from families of St Petersburg. They attend our day care centers on daily basis.
Volunteer helps with feeding and hygiene, communicates with our wards, assists them at workshops and accompanies them in trips and excursions. See video with our volunteers http://bit.ly/2nYsqM3

* Volunteering in the village Razdolye (60 km from Saint Petersburg) is surrounded by beautiful pure lakes, pine forest and northern nature. The project of supported living is a village house where people with disabilities live with support and assistance of specialists and volunteers. This project gives opportunity for such people to have decent lives and to live independently. There are 7 men and women who have started to live in the house. See video with our volunteers https://youtu.be/aLfnXgl2oe0

Join our team and spend unforgettable year in the cultural capital of Russia, St Petersburg.
For any questions please contact Anastasia v.perspektivy@gmail.com

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