To each project we invite 14 Volunteers in age between 18 and 30 years old,
who residence in countries of European Union and neighbouring countries.
All of the projects are dedicated for young people with fewer opportunities or at
risk of discrimination due to: social background, financial situation, psychosexual

orientation, religious discrimination.

During Your 6 weeks stay in CampoSfera for sure You will be able to:
— Experience working and living in a small community in a rural area;
— Work in a complex international team;
— Work with youth and children from rural areas;
— Develop personal, interpersonal and interculttural skills;
— Improve Your teamwork;
— Take initiatives;
— Learn how to lead workshops;
— Develop practical, artistic and gardening skills;
— Understand the ideas of sustainable development; responsible
consumerism, resource distribution and ecological solutions in everyday
— Improve Your skills in planning, work division, and learining
responsibility for your own tasks;
— Get knowledge about opportunities offered to youth by EU;
— Get theorical and practical knowlegde about first aid;
— …and so on — everything depends on You 🙂

We are always open to Volunteer’s initiatives!

Volunteers will be accommodated in the CampoSfera
building. It is an ex-school building adapted for the
need of hosting 30 people in it. Volunteers living in
the school will have access to bathroom with showers
and toilets, to the kitchen where they can prepare
meals for themselves.
For the short-term Volunteers there are 3 big rooms
available (5-4 people in one room)
Volunteers together will take care of the safety, food

and condition of the place.

The volunteers will receive pocket money in the amount of the equivalent of 4EUR
(around 17 PLN) per day per person. The money will be given in cash in Polish
currency once in 2 weeks in advance.
Food products will be provided by the organization. Meal preparing and cleaning
after them will be responsibility of volunteers.
The accommodation, food, pocket money and health insurance are covered and
financed by the European Commission.