We are looking for volunteers for 12 months from EU countries.

Starting as soon as possible!

What you can learn:
– a lot of things about Hungarian culture and history
– how to care about horses
– Archery, horse riding, Hungarian folk dance
– working with children with mental difficulties
– how to organise an international youth exchange, cultural festival and write a project

Goals and jobs:
1. Care about horses to give local youngsters the chance to ride horses
2. Care about our campsite (keep it clean, repair if needed, build and develop it to offer more opportunities for our projects and programs)
3. Involve the children and youngsters from Vereb in different activities
4. Organise games and workshops for mentally handicapped children who live in Children’s Homes
5. Involve more and more youngsters in our activities from the schools in the area of the lake. Help them to learn about and participate in the opportunities offered by the Erasmus +
6. Help with the archery trainings of the Rainbow Tribe
7. Build a yurt (traditional Hungarian tent) camp
8. Weekend camps or excursions with children (cook, games etc.)
9. Office work: to keep contact with international partners, edit photos and videos. And if you have the motivation you can figure out your own project and application!

Location: Vereb, Velence and Kápolnásnyék, Hungary
Duration: 12 months
Accommodation: House/Apartment with other volunteers in Vereb/Velence
Other volunteer: one volunteer from Germany, one from Romania and another from France, we are looking for 2 other volunteers
Food: Local bakery, restaurant or cooking at home
Transport: bicycles, buses, train, car
Contact: szivarvanytorzs@gmail.com and/or

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