Hey you!

Are you ready for the quarantine-competition? That’s awesome!

The idea of the competition is for you to think creatively even though we are stuck in our homes. There will be two themes per week and you will be posting your submission to our Facebook group.

Every Saturday at 12 o’clock, the competition for the following week is over. A jury will then decide the top 5 photos and you will then vote which photo you think represents the specific theme best. The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd will be announced on the following Sunday.


  • Where will the photos be used?
    – The photos will only be used on ticket2europes story and we will be tagging you, of course!
  • Do you have to participate in both photos?
    – You can choose to participate with one theme or two, it is all up to you.
  • How many photos per theme?
    – It is only one photo per theme, no more!
  • But why should I participate?
    – This is a great exercise for you who would like to challenge yourself and to be more creative, even though this is difficult times and to also take your mind on something else.

Themes: Sunset and Colourful

Week: 22

Dates: 15-20 June

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