We are looking for Greek, Latvian, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish participants!!

~ Re-Creative Rural | Youth Exchange
When: 7-16 November 2022
Where: Pontevedra, Spain
Partners from: Greece, Italy, Portugal, Latvia & Spain

General Idea: This project is strongly designed to transform realities and spaces, through the empowerment of people, motivation and creativity. Linked to this, we believe there is a need for greater awareness of the fragility of the rural world, the need for its protection and preservation of times and traditions and to be able to integrate these places into the realities and comforts of the 21st century, avoiding the damages.

We believe in the power of collective actions, where people can nurture each other and take the best of themselves to complement the needs of the group. We are firmly convinced the activities in which this dimension is worked on, complemented by creativity, the power to see things from another angle, to invent something new and transform it, are very powerful tools for young people who have to face a world with wide employment, socio-economic and ecological uncertainty.

Under this idea we want to implement a program which has as its axis creativity and innovation in all its aspects, taking advantage of it to improve rural spaces, make stronger links between rural and urban areas, creating a replicable action by the active citizens involved.

This youth exchange will feature numerous activities and dynamics to work on other points which we consider vital when working with a group of young people. Through the different workshops and transversally to the project, priority topics will be present which we can also analyze and integrate them from a critical and rational attitude, such as gender equality in peripheral/rural life, natural resource management, tolerance, teamwork and cooperation.

1. To generate a positive, tangible and intangible impact, so that later, participants leave enriched, strengthening their values of tolerance, equality, respect, teamwork and cooperation;
2. Leave a mark in the spaces in which we are going to develop and create value through our interventions for the local community;
3. Being able to help people who inhabit it, people with whom we collaborate and associations and people who participate with us, through innovation and cooperation;
4. Promote a creative wave which inspires other people to improve other spaces, the lives of others and their own;
5. Co-create an intercultural exchange where to share ideas, knowledge, good practices and coexist in a respectful and cooperative way;
6. Get inspired and motivated by different artists, locals and international participants;
7. Create a community of potential artists/rural changers and enjoy this unique experience together in Pontevedra!

If you find yourself in the above mentioned, read more details about the youth exchange in the infopack below and apply.

Information: Infopack
How to apply: application form
Contact: ana.delvalle@ticket2europe.eu

Applications till: 11th September 2022

The program is co-financed by the Erasmus+ program of the European Commission and supported by the Erasmus+ Youth Spain.