We are looking for Greek, French, Macedonian, Bulgarian and Spanish participants!!

~ Zero Waste | Youth Exchange
When: 18-27 October 2022
Where: Pontevedra, Spain
Partners from: Greece, France, North Macedonia, Bulgaria & Spain

General Idea: After the success of the previous projects about sustainability, our desire is to
continue focusing on different sustainability challenges. We have all noticed how to recycle and minimize waste was an interest to most of our previous participants and a very famous topic in the last projects.

On the wider spectrum though, in Europe, we currently use 16 tonnes of materials per person per year, of which 6 tonnes become waste. Just in terms of household waste alone, each person in Europe is currently producing, on average, half of tonne of such waste. Only 40 % of it is reused or recycled and in some countries more than 80% still goes to landfill.

To minimize waste, not generate waste and turning waste into is one key to a circular economy. In Spain, recycle rate is around 36% while 47% in EU. Most of our waste are ended up in landfills. For these reasons, along with the general environment around waste as well as our experience of previous projects, we decided to work with zero waste. We want to develop a YE to exchange ideas about how to become zero waste, minimize waste in practice, exchange solutions in everyday practices and learn how we can become zero waste for ourselves and to inspire our communities, cities and the people around us.

1. To raise awareness about zero waste (what it is based on the 5rs of zero waste philosophy) and circular economy;
2. To support a zero waste lifestyle and exchange ideas of how to minimize waste, how to reduce, reuse, recycle, rot and refuse the 5rs of zero waste;
3. To support participants to take action and become zero wasters;
4. To develop new skills and competences through non-formal learning and informal: creative workshops, workshops, open discussions and visits;
5. To develop knowledge, skills and attitudes to be the change agents in our everyday life and in our communities;
6. To create several videos to disseminate the results of the project;
7. To create a mini workshop, role playing or any creative presentation of one of the 5 Rs;
8. Create a community of potential zero wasters and enjoy this unique experience together in Pontevedra!

If you find yourself in the above mentioned, read more details about the youth exchange in the infopack below and apply.

– Information: Infopack
– How to apply: application form
– Contact: ana.delvalle@ticket2europe.eu

-Deadline: ASAP

The program is co-financed by the Erasmus+ program of the European Commission and supported by the Erasmus+ Youth Spain.