ANA – We have spent such a nice week learning, and exchanging opinions and experiences about facilitation that have allowed us to create and participate in workshops and dynamic activities related to a wide variety of topics such as body
expression, team working, learning experience process, or intercultural activities among others. It has been an expiring and successful training course to promote knowledge and also to build strong connections between people and break down
cultural borders.

ANTONIO – There are no limits to what you can do when it comes to facilitation. That’s the most valuable lesson I have learned during this training. What it’s important is to know what are the objectives and to count on the resources to do it, those human or material. It’s essential to have a plan, but even more to have the capacity to change it according to the needs of the group. Throughout the project, I could extract these valuable lessons, among others, thanks to the different activities, the facilitators, and all the participants.

KATI – Personally for me, it was a very special week. It’s hard to say if it was good or bad because I have learned that not all good helps you and not all bad do you wrong. We had a space and time to discover our way, which is more important than anything else. In the time of this week, we have worked a lot on our mindset and learned that we are in charge of our mind, and how we see our experience is key. This training is a cable that helps us power the machines we have in our brains and how we can help others to power themselves. There are a lot of things to reflect on and a lot to be still discovered.

STERGIOS – I was lucky enough to participate in this project representing not my home country of Greece but the one I reside for the last 5+ years, Spain. Thanks to this I was able to see the Greek participants as an outsider, an interesting aspect, something that didn’t last long since all teams became one quickly during the project. Many team-building activities and the general vibe of the people help us bond quickly. In addition, the good weather allowed for most of our sessions to be realized on the grass of the front yard which gave a nice natural tone to the whole experience. Even though the schedule was demanding, we always found the extra energy needed to complete the day, and one dinner after, the intercultural dance nights were fueled till late. Brainstormings, discussions, feedback sessions, etc were the common theme of the activities, making every day different.

Spanish particpants in the project RePlay_The Training

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