We are searching Lithuanians, Greeks, Italians, Turks and Spanish participants!!

~ Personal Agency: Mood ON! | Youth Exchange
When: 10th-18th October 2023
Where: Pontevedra, Spain
Partners from: Lithuania, Greece, Italy, Turkey & Spain

General Idea: After the pandemic, we live in a complex context where, for many generations in Europe, this event has been the event has most affected their lives. Especially young people, seeing how the unemployment rate has risen in all the countries of the European Union, seeing how opportunities are reduced and with this, an unmotivating outlook for the future.

But we are not only talking about labor issues, since psychologically the effects that the pandemic may have remain to be seen. For this reason, we believe it is very important to give our young people tools to understand how the current context affects them, and the uncertainty of the future, and how they affect the context in order to process how they can create a prosperous collective future and how they have a very important role in creating the Europe of tomorrow.

In the field of Social Sciences, «personal agency» is defined as the ability of individuals to act independently and make their own decisions freely. To generate those actions they need to know what they are capable of and how they affect those around them. In this project we will focus on how people are made, how they are interconnected with the world, how we use empathy to generate impact and how we can use that knowledge to generate impact, today.

1. To introduce personal agency as a tool for personal development and social impact;
2. To stimulate interaction between participants and youth leaders, providing them with space to share experiences, knowledge and learn constructively from each other;
3. To provide to the participants a motivation to share the knowledge received in the youth exchange, once they return to their places of origin;
4. To promote self-employment;
5. To encourage transversal synergies between participants, organizations and also all the agents involved in the project;
6. To increase the feeling of construction of the collective society as a European society;
7. To create a community of changemakers and enjoy this unique experience together in Pontevedra!

If you find yourself in the above mentioned, read more details about the youth exchange in the infopack below and apply!!

Information: Infopack
How to apply: application form
Contact: ana.delvalle@ticket2europe.eu
Applications till: 11th of August

The program is co-financed by the Erasmus+ program of the European Commission and supported by the Erasmus+ Youth Spain.