We are searching Greek, Hungarian, Slovak, Croatian and Spanish participants!!

~ Seeds for Future | Youth Exchange
– When: 15-23 May 2023
– Where: Pontevedra, Spain
– Partners from: Greece, Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia & Spain

General Idea: Due to the potential that many countries are identifying in the past few years in rural areas even in some ways as a response to some socio-economic issues originated by the urban centric growth, we believe that this is the greatest moment to empower the younger generations. Giving them the knowledge, the inspiration, the insight and the experiences needed to identify their own motivations, to connect with their entrepreneur spirit and their need to start a meaningful project to make the most of their rural regions.

This is a project with a social, environmental, personal development and economical backgrounds. The main focus of this youth exchange is to work on the collective and personal skills of the participants, motivate them, by making them witnesses of the potential and progressive regeneration of the rural regions.

Nowadays, it is essential to be aware about its capability for solving social and environmental problems, such as unemployment, offer solutions to the fast rise of urban rents and enhance the care of the environment, by getting a closer approach to nature. In short, use this priceless resource to provide a solution for many of the problems that affects many of us and many citizens around the globe today. Ultimately, we pursue to get our minds together and find out how can we plan a rural structure that guarantees a more egalitarian and inclusive development for everyone.

For that matter, this project will design the structure of an atypical entrepreneurship training program in order to involved the EU youngsters in discovering new ways to bring life to rural spaces, always based on the principles of sustainability (regarding not only the environmental but economy, social parameters), innovation and food sovereignty.

1. To get a closer look to environmental reality, issues and opportunities as change agents;
2. To explore how cities and rural areas can support each other;
3. To get involved with the local community and contribute to improve their spaces;
4. To reflect on how to bring rural vibes into cities;
5. To identifying rural spaces as spots for creativity, business opportunities and innovation;
6. To co-create an intercultural exchange where to share ideas, knowledge, good practices and co-exist in a respectful and cooperative way;
7. To engage youngsters with nature, rural life and environment protection throughout participative, interactive, intergenerational activities;
8. To get inspired and motivated by several green entrepreneurs with different backgrounds and areas that might help us to explore new ideas and solutions related to sustainability;
9. To reforest a small area of Pontevedra with the local community;
10. To create a community of nature lovers!

If you find yourself in the above mentioned, read more details about the youth exchange in the infopack below and apply!!

– Information: Infopack
– How to apply: application form
– Contact: ana.delvalle@ticket2europe.eu

– Applications till: As soon as possible

The program is co-financed by the Erasmus+ program of the European Commission and supported by the Erasmus+ Youth Spain.