The Purpose Project TC was one of the most intense and amazing 10-day adventures, which had some incredible people from different countries. Together we were learning to discover our #purpose in a very serene forest location near Lodz, Poland. This Erasmus+ project had great diversity in participants, bringing together the most amazing educators, trainers, and youth workers to learn about this topic. Then by the end of the course, we could apply what we’d learned to create our own workshops and training events. I learned a lot throughout the project from the fantastic trainers as well as the participants; allowing me to now pursue new and great projects.
One of the best moments of the training course was bringing together everything that we had learned throughout the week by delivering a workshop to a local high school in Lodz. We explored passion, purpose, and motivation, and got some feedback that «it colored their day and opened their eyes» to possibilities; a truly magical moment. Now I’m preparing some workshops for high schools in my local community about the topic of purpose and passion; later, I aim to offer this to universities as well. Thank you to everyone who made the event mindblowing. The journey has just begun.
Oskar Woehr  ᐧ
Where is my purpose?
That was my question for so many years… But luckily I had the chance to find it in this amazing Erasmus + training course, in a lovely place in the middle of the polish forest.
During these days I was surrounded not only by a lot of natural life in form of trees, insects, frogs and birds, but also by 26 super inspiring people from 8 different countries (Poland, Malta, Cyprus, Greece, Croatia, Macedonia, Turkey and Spain). Since it was a training course, most of the participants were youth workers with a lot of experiences to share, which made of this project an incredibly enriching and inspiring experience.
The aim of this training course was to discover what is our purpose in life and to learn some tools to help other people to find their path in life. For that we learnt to identify which are our fears, our passions, what are the needs of our community… And in the end, looking inside ourselves and with the help of the other participants and trainers, to discover our IKIGAI (what we are good at, what we love, what the world needs and what we can be paid for).
I really want to thank to all the Purpose People for the great moments we’ve shared, the laughter, the dances, the creativity, the support… (I could say so many things) THANK YOU FOR THIS EXPERIENCE!
And, of course, thanks to  Romy Alexandra,  Ula Malinska and Аlexandra Szmurlik for making all of this possible. You should be really proud of your hard work.
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In the beginning of September  our team participated in the training course «The Purpose Project» in Poland: an experience that we will never forget  
The training course took place in Grotniki – a small village near the city of Lodz that offered us beautiful nature and calm rural environment – the perfect atmosphere to develop non-formal education activities and look for the purpose of our lives.  🔍
The programme of the training course included activities and tools aimed to increase the knowledge of youth workers on what purpose is, why it is important, and what is its connection to employability. 🎯
The participants in the «Purpose project» not only developed the necessary skills to support youth to identify their life purpose, but had the chance to find their own purpose and become more aware of their own competencies and passions. ⚙️ +  💓
The culmination of the learning process was a study visit into one of the best art schools in Lodz.  🎨
Since the beginning of the day you could feel in the air that something was about to happen…Some had put lipstick, others glasses…everyone wanted to look good, because it was time to go back to school  👩🏫 👨🏫
This time our role was to share our knowledge with the students from the art school and help them to go out of their cocoon and find their purpose. We did it in a creative way and with a lot of dedication and we received back motivation, inspiration and tons of positive energy.
After the school visit we had time to enjoy Lodz, its beautiful main streets and the urban art.
We want to thank to:
– all the participants for the great environment that they created;
– the amazing trainers who were working hard during all the programme and were spreading inspiration and good vibes all the time
– our sending organization  Ticket2Europe for the opportunity to take part in the training course, improve the skills of our team members and establish new partnerships
–  Juggling With Benefits – Mind & Body Training by Miłosz Bałdyga for the nice workshops and the great time we spent juggling scarfs, balls and ideas  🤹‍♀️