We invite you to read some reflections upon gamification and her experience in a international project from Elsa García a participant in the Training Course Break Out Box host in the Czech Republic by our friends Be International
Elsa García:
Learning may not be always engaging. Children, teenagers, people in general tend to get bored when they need to focus on activities that are often repetitive, stuffy and that have to be done mainly in a specific way.
This training course has offered me the chance to combine all the little potential activities I have performed in class along the year and turn them into an educational escape box. In this way you are not using games just as a motivational resource but as a bigger project that leads to reflection and to a meaningful way of learning.
I have realised the huge potential of games but also I have learned how to get the most out of them. That’s why I feel this course has helped me to enhance some activities and learn how to implement the debriefing part that sometimes may not be fulfilled. I consider that now I am more able to set a session where students can learn Mathematics and also relate this
knowledge with a game they have gone through. Make them conscious of what they have learnt by solving the educational box.
Furthermore, this course has brought me the chance to take profit of all my knowledge about Maths and use it to develop different puzzles. In that way Mathematics are not only the topic
of the escape box but also the tool students need to use in order to move forward during the game.
Therefore, even I cannot take educational escape boxes into a daily resource, I feel like using them as a motivational approach of different topics.
And finally, I am just so thanked about the people I had the chance to work with. People that no matter their age, nationality or background because they do believe in the power of education, in the power of improvement, in the need of searching different resources to achieve meaningful learning and in the developing, creation and communication with the help of other educators.
Thank you all

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