Five young Ticket2Europe volunteers participated to the youth exchange “Active Solidarity”, which took place between September and October in Nea Marki (Greece) and saw the participation of young activists from Spain, Greece, Czech Republic, Italy, Latvia, and Slovenia. Active Solidarity was a 10-days dynamic skills-based program directed to young people who have a strong interest in the LGBTQIA+ spectrum and want to explore themselves, promote human rights, find their own way of how to be an activist and leave their mark on today’s society.

The idea behind this project was to create a safe space where participants could discover the power of non-formal and informal learning, exchange about the LGBTQIA+ rights, explore different forms of activism and apply your videomaking skills for raising awareness. From our experience, the objectives of this project were completely achieved: the YE undoubtedly helped participants in growing their awareness as well as their practical knowledge about LGBTQIA+ activism, it empowered them motivating participants to bring the knowledge and the skills acquired to the projects they want to develop in their home country, helped them in improving their communication and media skills and, last but not least, allowed them to develop strong connections with each other which are extremely useful not only to create future partnerships but friendships as well.

Check the final video of the project on Vimeo or Facebook!

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