The youth exchange «Step 4 Change» took place in Slovenia and was centred on the topic of LGBTIQA+ activism. Some of us applied especially because of educational, more formal, or learning purposes, but eventually we also found a welcoming safe space in which freedom of expression and bonding atmosphere in which the personal side and emotions could develop and arise, along with the program. Thanks to this exchange, we have learntto  know ourselves a little better, and to learn many things in such a diverse group, we have improved our predisposition of going on with the LGTBIQA+ activism and the importance of a common fight in order to have a louder voice, and we realized that each person is the creator of their experience.

The non-formal education methods shared by our european team mates were really interesting. They enlightened some tricky issues, making them easier to explain. For sure, those will be used on the local areas and spread to new groups, building more collective knowledge and self-realization. A common thread in the youth exchange was to lead all the activities to the final one, the activism in the street. The most impressive thing was the sequence of activities that provide us everything we needed in the street, energy and connection between each others.

We created quick connections with participants from othercountries and discovered that we all have more things in common than the ones that separate us. On the street actions, we were able to work together, following a common goal, and all the activities have empowered us and made us realize the impact that just a few people can have on society.

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