Ismael Roman Moreno a participant in the Training Course “Gamifying Education: Live Role Plays and Simulations” in Brno Czech Republic  is here to tell us about their dissemination activity.
the first training activity of a long-term strategic partnership dedicated to developing, sharing and promoting game-based learning practices as an efficient and innovative approach to learning and to make game-based learning more present in formal and non-formal education institutions. The dissemination is the part of the Training Course were participants shared their experience, knowledges, and tools learned during the experience with new people back in their countries
Dear friends:
Here’s my dissemination!! ❤
Yesterday, May 4, I had the great opportunity to share what I learned in the TC that we carried out in Adamov with the students of 1 ESO (Compulsory Secondary Education) with ages between 12 and 14 years) in the Educational Center Instituto de Enseñanza Secundaria La Paz located in the marginalized neighborhood of Almanjáyar. This center has the characteristic of being a center of social exclusion, the majority of the students are of the Romani ethnic group, they do not usually attend class and the course content has a curricular adaptation so that they can be promoted to the next course.
The students who participated were 11: 4 boys (José, Vasile, Ismael and Antonio) and 5 girls (Amina, Amara, Natacha, Carmen and Yindara). There were also two collaborating students (José Antonio and Jackeline). The music and art teacher (Cristina) and the academic support teacher (Eva) supported me. I share some photos
The content that we discussed for 1 hour was the game of «The Island»:
1. I explained the story of the game to set it. As it was a rainy day we did it inside the classroom.
2. I explained the rules. Two groups were made: Number 1 (José, Ismael, Antonio and support student José Antonio) and group number 3 (Vasile, Amina, Amara, Natacha and support student Jackeline). Group number 2 (Carmen and Yindara) were on the jury.
3. Debriefing: we talked about the strategy followed in each group, how they helped each other to advance in their challenges and if they worked well as a team.
4. Conclusions: the students said the importance of teamwork to design a strategy, active listening, improved communication, coordination and spatial orientation.
5. Tips: In nature and to survive it is important to orient yourself without a compass according to the sun (East; on the right hand), West (left hand), North (head) and South (nape).
6. Evaluation.
I hope you like it! I really enjoyed myself and had a great time The students were wonderful!
Best regards and lots of love! ❤