We had scheduled weeks, and at the weekends we work with an environmental association over here in Pontevedra called Vaipolorio I brought it few time in the last blogs, you can always go back and check them.

Lately there was a cleaning event for the river and surrounding of the area and we were glad to join that movement, we are always happy to help and make the city and the world in general a cleaner place for everyone to live at.

Cleaning isn’t something new for me, but diving in the actual river was, I mean i was actually walking inside the river and collecting trash and it was a first weird interesting experience. One thing I’ll tell you before you do this by yourself is to take off everything valuable with you such as phone, wallet, etc… things like that, it just happen that I dived with my phone by thankfully I was wearing the waterproof suit.

My message will be definitely go and save the planet, if you can safe the whole thing that would amazing, if not than just start small and when you see something uncool collect it and be a good person, don’t care what other say you do it for yourself and for the upcoming generation.


Until next one.