My name is Aymane and I’m from Morocco, after my long period as a student and few years in the work field, I decided to be a volunteer because I wanted to live “a foreign life“, experience something different and unique. I wanted real, independent life experience.

When I found the opportunity to be an EVS volunteer, I didn’t even think about it, I applied at the first sight. The way I saw it is that I would get the chance to do something for myself as well as for others, which is perfect.

Moving abroad is a whole new level, different culture, traditions, away from your family and friends. Scary right?

Well let me tell you that it’s actually not that scary at all, it’s a new everything and it’s your time to shine and show up everything you know, it’s an opportunity to meet new people, travel, experience new traditions, learn a new language that it’s always a plus.


The first challenge that I had to experience is the language, it’s not really a huge issue but you feel isolated at first and you think that you’re alone in all this, but the thing is it’s only in your mind, language was never a problem there’s always a way to communicate and express yourself to others, and Spain is no difference. People are open and helpful whenever you needed them, you just gotta open up and don’t let your shyness control on you.

After meeting the whole TEAM, I really felt different and like everything I knew in life is gonna change, so I gotta make it thru.

Of course everyone is coming with the idea of “we coming here to work and nothing-else than work”, i’m not saying it’s not true, but also you should be free and open to everything cause this is a life experience so you gotta make it special and memorable.

Working as a volunteer was new to me but I got used to it very quickly, as I mentioned “new experience” so I was learning already, and with work come responsibility, don’t be afraid to ask or talk to people. Don’t be afraid of the unknown. Learn from yourself, but mainly, learn from others.

Until next one.



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