The days over here go slowly and don’t get me wrong that’s a wonderful thing.

As you may know by now everything is going well I’m surrounded by beautiful people ( the talking part and not being afraid is working well ), we started by getting to know and discover each other a little bit more “the traditional way”.

Now let’s go a little bit deeper and move on to the action part, yeah I know that’s what you all want to know.

So, as I explained to you in the first part there’s lot of work to do and tasks need to be done ( don’t worry still not scary ), each of the volunteers get some tasks as start nothing huge but more like to see how can you manage work and time. After all, this is preparing you to the “wild world” outside.

I’m trying to get thru some details just in case you got skeptic or worry about what’s waiting for you, but you gotta remember you got to discover all this by yourself.


Ok, let’s skip few working days.

Now let me tell you a little bit about the part which I was happy to hear ( like honestly I was super happy ), like most people I thought this is just an office experience or few time go discover the city or something like that, but we actually have the chance to be part of saving the environment, come with small tasks such as : cleaning of the river, workshops, etc…

For most people out there this probably sound pointless or unnecessary in this journey but let me tell you that this kind of activities where you gonna discover and find yourself, you gonna learn how to handle tasks, manage your time, and it’s a way to practice your language too. I mean it’s a beautiful experience and as much as I wanted to say “no gracias” to this I still found the courage to accept it and make it better. Remember that life is a journey so don’t use the break yet.

In this part I wanted to share with it out one thing: DON’T EXPECT ANYTHING. every day is a new adventure and lot of thing to learn.

Until next one.