Post # 2 – “Light Up Entrepreneurship”

Hello everyone! Another 2 weeks past and its already a month since I am living here in Pontevedra! Now I have a strange feeling as If I have been here for quite a while- probably because the last 2 weeks where full of different kind of explorations and activities! It was full of travelling as well and the main point that it was mostly spontaneous trips.

First was a Sunday trip to Cies Islands – a small archipelago off the coast of Pontevedra  and it was like a paradise on earth: crystal clean water, green forest and cliffs sharpened by powerful ocean waves. Can’t imagine how popular this place is during summer and how lucky I turned out to be to find out about the only one ferry in recent period.

The next weekend my colleagues proposed me to join them kayaking in a place called «Cascada do Ézaro» – 40 meter high waterfall with a bay connected to the ocean. The place was very beautiful and peaceful, with a light ocean breeze. After kayaking we went to an incredible place – Cape Finisterre, literally the edge of the continent. In Roman times  Finisterre was believed to be the end of the known world and translation of its name from Latin has the same meaning.

During the working weeks in Ticket2Europe we are working on a new project connected with European Parliamentary Elections – it may be sounds boring but we are planning to make a whole game on it, and game cannot be boring for sure! We had a quite big research with the topic and currently developing application for funding, as well as the game itself. We feel that we are in a right direction and it gives more motivation to move forward. I am also planning my personal EVS initiatives and first off all I plan to organise board game evening in our co-working space «Espacio Arroelo». There is no specific date yet but most probably it will be held by the end of the March.

As to my Spanish classes I am doing quite good and can even have a small conversation. In a company of my Spanish friends I ask them to speak Spanish so I practice my listening skills as well.

Next week here is a big deal – carnival celebration, and its especially huge thing here in Galicia. I am looking forward to see it and experience myself.

Until the next time !