Post # 3 – “Light Up Entrepreneurship”

Hello everyone! Long time no see and already 2 months passed since I am living in Pontevedra. Time flies fast, especially when there are things to do. March was quite full with different events and tasks.

The first week of March was a carnival, which is a huge thing here in Pontevedra and it lasted  for 5 days. Whole city was dressed in different characters and celebrations where all day long.

In the middle of the month we had quite an important event for the organisation, the kick off meeting of the long-term project «Game On», which is focused on creation and implementation of educational board games on the topic of entrepreneurship in Spain, Greece, Estonia and Sweden and so representatives of each county held a 3 day meeting in Pontevedra. Meeting turned out to be quite intense – during these days whole flow of the project was planned and each activity in each partner country was scheduled. We are looking forward to start with the project and during the first stage we will have to run focus groups with youngsters in local schools of Pontevedra in order to find out their learning needs and interests connected with the topic of entrepreneurship.

On the last week of March, after a long time of waiting, I finally went on the training for volunteers in a beautiful and very green Cantabria. The training lasted for 4 days and through this period we learned a lot of things about being a volunteer, how it works and what responsibilities and rights do we have. I met a lot of wonderful persons during this course, we talked a lot about our daily life and shared common issues and problems which we face, giving each other advice and support. Whole training was held in a non-formal way and our trainers gave us very valuable knowledge which will be very useful for my future volunteering. One of them is to go easy and give myself time. After all, as any experience, volunteering is a learning, and learning needs time to see its result.

Hopefully several guys are volunteering in Galicia and we already started planning some common trips and probably will have a first one during the Easter holidays.

Stay tuned and until the next time !