We are looking for Italians and Spanish participants.

~ Theater for Employment | Youth Exchange
– When: 13-21 November 2021
– Where: Pontevedra, Spain
– Partners from: Italy, Greece, Romania, Ukraine and Spain.
– General Idea: Dramatic art (and especially the live performance arts) is increasingly
interrelated with society from the very different angles. Today it is not only the source of an enjoyment as aspectator, but it also can be used in an everyday life, for example in the search foremployment. The personal growth that the performing arts can brings to the person isalready admitted by the great number of people, who have led to the development ofprograms of art therapy trainings to the business world. The few models that are alreadyworking are generating a big impact of local development, entrepreneurship, youthempowerment and citizen participation, desirable for the current societies.

On the other hand, theater is a tool in recent years has gained confidence from companies, when it comes to improvement of the soft skills.Success in entering the work and businessworld often lies in the ability to work in a team, generate creative alternatives, improvise,resolve conflicts and develop a noticeable and effective communication.

– Aims: This youth exchange aims to use non-formal education and dialogue for intercultural
exchange to provide our participants with practical tools of scenic art techniques, setting
up an extraordinary training opportunity of skills for an area such as labor market, where
there are few innovative tools for this purpose. In doing so, we pursue to help the
participants to improve their personal and social skills in order to increase their
employment possibilities and their access to job market.

If you find yourself in the above mentioned, read more details about the youth exchange in the infopack below and apply.
– Information: infopack
– How to apply: application form
– Contact: ana.delvalle@ticket2europe.eu
– Applications till: We don’t like deadlines, we are contacting and engaging participants on the go. So applying asap would be a smart move.

The program is co-financed by the Erasmus+ program of the European Commission and supported by the Erasmus+ Youth Spain.