values and vision

Building the world we want

Our creativity and imagination are driven, day by day, by our passion. We work hard to make our dreams come true and turn the practice of our ideas into transformative social projects. 

We seek to move towards a fairer and more equitable society, where all people can develop in an integral way.


Democratising education

We believe that people, regardless of their economic situation, have the right to benefit from all opportunities that allow them to develop fully and satisfactorily with themselves.


The principle of equality

Our commitment to this principle stems from our firm belief that all people have equal rights and that any privileging of one group of people over another is completely intolerable.


Sustainable development

Planet Earth’s natural resources are limited. We must consume ethically and responsibly, seeking to change our current model towards one that is more respectful of the environment.

Peoples of the world


The different cultures of the world are sources of wealth that bring incalculable and diverse value to our worldview. We accept all cultural approaches of peoples and defend them equally.

Partnerships and objectives

Global cooperation

We abhor models based on competition and embrace those based on cooperation. We enjoy weaving new networks with other people or collectives in order to share and live together.

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Hate speech


We combat all types of discrimination based on gender, sexual orientation, ethnic origin, religious beliefs, disability, etc. We encourage the analysis and the breaking of the socio-cultural patterns that give rise to these hateful practices against the integrity of people.

We belive in change

Promotion of Youth

We believe in youth as the main engine of change in a society and we know that these people hold many of the solutions to today’s global problems.  We work from and for youth.

European Culture


We understand the European Union as one of the most inspiring projects of cooperation between peoples and cultures.  We decode the implicit message of perpetual peace and joint progress. We were born of these values and we walk with them.