In August, Ticket2Europe sent 3 youth workers to Slovenia for the creative project, «Look Shadow Move Body». Read more about the experience of the participants on this interesting and innovative project:

«It was my first project and I can say, from the bottom of my heart, it won’t be the last. Every single day of the stay was amazing; with really cool activities and surprises. Getting to know other people from around Europe, and learning from their cultures, is always an experience that makes you richer and more open-minded.
For me, that I didn’t have the chance to do an Erasmus when I was in college, this experience itself was kind of a short Erasmus.
Our trainers, Katja and Tea, were beyond awesome; they gave their 200% and became not only our teachers but also our local friends. They showed us the magic of shadow dance with love and patience, but also being exigent, because they believed in us.
Our coordinator, Mitja, had everything planned carefully and was there when we needed a hand. He also managed to organise stuff that we’d like to do, like going to a restaurant to eat local food and then enjoy an International night.»
– Alex Fumanal

«Look Shadow move body was my very first training course I attended. I loved the structure of working all together to create something, and in this occasion, that “something” was a perfomance based on some personal objects that we brought to Slovenia. 

This training course brought together people from very different backgrounds yet everyone shared an interest in self-expression through the body. We learned how our bodies work with light and shadow, how to create a visually pleasant show with just a few flashlights and a white screen and how to tell a story that connects with the audience.

We spent the week practising with the flashlights, working out, creating ways to share our objects and building up a trustful environment.

From shadow dance techniques to theater play composition, this week in Slovenj Gradec allowed me to grow and develop awareness towards my body and my storytelling abilities while engaging with other participants in creating a moving, real and close performance. On our last day, we were lucky enough to be able to play our show in front of some neighbours from the town and it was extremely fulfilling to exchange thoughts and feelings with them at the end of the evening. 

Overall this has been a happy and touching experience thanks to the caring and supporting attitude from everyone involved in the course, as well as the great professionality and assertiveness from Katja and Tea, our trainers.»

– Cristina Baro

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